Congratulations to Our Big Green Egg Winner!

Some time ago, DonohooAuto, announced via our Facebook page that we were giving away a Big Green Egg.  A hot Alabama summer and lots of entries later we were finally able to pick our winner.  So a big congratulations to Crawford Miller of Homewood on winning the Big Green Egg!  Not only is Crawford a fan of DonohooAuto, but he actually recently purchased a car from us.

On a fun side-note, asked how he registered for the contest, he told us he scanned the QR code that was on the Egg in our lobby while he was at the dealership car shopping.


    1. Jon Lewis says:

      Great contest! Sorry I didn’t win, but it was fun anticipation :)


    2. KennyVon says:

      Well I’ll just be Damned,,I REALLY WANTED THAT “BIG GREEN EGG”,,butttttttttt,, The Lady LOOKS a whole lot’s BETTER with it than I EVER would,,HELL,, Just give me one,, I WON’T TELL A SOUL,,PROMISE,,,KennyVon