Mechanic’s Corner #11 – So Many Recalls

Let’s address the elephant in the room – Recalls. 2014 has become the Year of the Recall in the automotive industry. Every time you turn on your television you are blasted with news about a recall with GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, etc. Here are some common questions we receive regarding recalls.largest-auto-recalls-in-history

Q: I just got a recall letter telling me I have a recall on my car. Is it safe to drive? Continue reading

Pink Friday – A Wonderful Success

This past Friday Donohoo Chevrolet was thrilled to host our first ever Pink Friday. It was a celebration to raise money for Kendra Currie’s fight against cancer. Everyone who made it out was treated to some great food and awesome decorations. Check out the layout in the pictures below.

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The focus of the event was not the decorations or the food. We wanted to help a young woman out in her fight. I am proud to say that we were able to Continue reading

Mechanic’s Corner #10

Want to know how to make your truck off road ready? Here is a list of 7 things that have to be right before you hit that dirt trail.chevy-truck-mudding

1 – Ground Clearance

If you want to safely travel through underbrush and rough terrain, ample ground clearance is a must. Without ground clearance you are likely to seriously damage your underbody with jutting obstacles. Continue reading