The Place to be this Saturday! Boom Days!

Named North Alabama’s event of the year in 2013, we enter into Boom Days with high expectations. The normally quaint Fort Payne will play host to a plethora of singers, venders, and people from all walks of life. On September 20th, the Fort Payne authorities are closing down the city so the celebration can start.BoomDays

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Mechanic’s Corner #5

TechCheesyQ: My 2008 GMC Sierra starts shaking when I am driving at 70-75 mph. What is causing the shaking?

A: The most likely answer is your tires need balancing. At higher speeds, your car will experience intense vibrations if your tires are off by even a little bit.

Q: I have a Lexus ES350 and my steering wheel shakes when coming to a stop.

A: This type of vibration is most often caused by warped rotors. If the rotors are not too bad, they can often be turned to fix the issue. Replacing them is the most sure-fire way of correcting the problem.

Q: I have not had my Mercedes for very long and suddenly after a gas stop the check engine light came on! Please help! Continue reading

Mechanic’s Corner #4

Q: I have a 1993 Chevrolet Camaro and my Camaro idles just fine until you put it in gear, then the RPMs jump to 1500, I heard it could be the IAC so I replaced it and it’s still the same. What could cause this?

DSCF7886A: What we see most common is a vacuum leak. At idle the engine will run rough … for automatics it will be more noticeable in drive or reverse with your foot on the brake… it might also shudder at traffic lights. Gently opening the throttle will solicit a more sluggish than normal response that may be so slight only a trained professional will be able to detect it. Under full throttle it wouldn’t affect things much unless your EGR valve is stuck open or your Power Brake vacuum booster diaphragm is bad. (these are very big leaks and your worst case scenario)

Q: What is an easy way to improve fuel efficiency?

A: There are a number of ways to improve fuel efficiency. Here is a list of 5 easy ways to save on gas. Continue reading