Why Donohoo is Different

We do not want to sell you a car, rather we want to help you find the right car. Our philosophy is to put everything out there and make it accessible to you. We are of course here to help but understand that no one else knows what you want better than you. Let us play matchmaker for you!

Buy Smart and Buy Right

Buying a car can be a hard thing to wrap your mind around. It is usually the second largest purchase a person will ever make. It pays to make that a smart purchase. We believe that being transparent and upfront in the buying process is the best way to help you achieve that.



About Tyler

I am the Marketing Director for DonohooAuto and Donohoo Chevrolet. I try and write about a wide array of things pertaining to current events and the automotive industry. I graduated from Presbyterian College after playing football for four years there. I came back to my hometown of Birmingham to get my masters from UAB. There are only a few jobs left in the automotive industry I haven't performed and some time. My goal is to inform you about the Donohoo Vision and the automotive industry in general.

Self Driving Cars – Would You Trust Them?

Have you seen the news lately?

Self driving cars are actually a real thing. Google, Tesla, GM, and even Apple are entering the market to try and make a self driving car a reality. There are a TON of barriers to entry into this market and it will be many years still before the technology is […]

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Mechanic’s Corner – How to explain a car to a 5 year old

Have you ever tried to explain how a car works to a little kid? It can be fairly difficult. So this week’s Mechanic’s Corner is going to take a break from the usual and explain how a car works…to a five year old.

A car is hungry. Every day it has to wake up and […]

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Mechanic’s Corner – Holiday Traveling

The holidays are fast-approaching. I am reminded every time I turn on the radio and hear Christmas music. This year I think they started Christmas music in October. I digress. To help prepare your car for all of the upcoming holiday traveling, here are a few key things to pay attention to.

The first question I recommend asking is […]

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Mechanic’s Corner – Vibrations

One of the most common, and bothersome problems, a car will face is vibrations. Vibrations in your car can be a multitude of things, but here is a list of the most common things causing your car to do the shake. This is a friendly reminder, vibrations often times creep up over time and the early you fix the problem the fewer issues you will have down the road.

Engine Problems – Sometimes a shake or shudder will emanate from the engine compartment because the engine isn’t […]

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