Mechanic’s Corner #6

Q: My service engine soon light is on, do I need an oil change?

A: When a SES/CEL light is on, an emissions or engine control unit sees a sensor out of its normal operating range or set value. bigstock_Enigne_4002090

Q: My vehicle is making a growling noise, what’s wrong with it?

A: Typically, if your car is making a roaring noise while on the road, the problem is your bearings (hub bearings/hub assembly found on FWD vehicles, axle and differential bearings found on RWD vehicles). Irregular tire wear such as cupping or feathering can also cause excessive road noise.

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Are You A TRUE Fan??

ARE YOU A UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GRAD OR FAN? Do you miss the Lone Star State? Well good news, Chevrolet wants you to have the brilliance of the burnt orange and white with you everywhere you go. Support your Longhorns by driving the Texas edition package which includes Longhorn graphics on the pick-up and tailgate, and chrome side steps. The package will go on sale in October. TexasSide

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The Place to be this Saturday! Boom Days!

Named North Alabama’s event of the year in 2013, we enter into Boom Days with high expectations. The normally quaint Fort Payne will play host to a plethora of singers, venders, and people from all walks of life. On September 20th, the Fort Payne authorities are closing down the city so the celebration can start.BoomDays

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