Mechanic’s Corner – Holiday Traveling

The holidays are fast-approaching. I am reminded every time I turn on the radio and hear Christmas music. This year I think they started Christmas music in October. I digress. To help prepare your car for all of the upcoming holiday traveling, here are a few key things to pay attention to.HolidayTravel

The first question I recommend asking is Continue reading

Mechanic’s Corner – Vibrations

One of the most common, and bothersome problems, a car will face is vibrations. Vibrations in your car can be a multitude of things, but here is a list of the most common things causing your car to do the shake. This is a friendly reminder, vibrations often times creep up over time and the early you fix the problem the fewer issues you will have down the road. the-bumpy-road-ahead

Engine Problems – Sometimes a shake or shudder will emanate from the engine compartment because the engine isn’t Continue reading

Mechanic’s Corner – Ice Driving Guide

The weather took a massive turn and it feels like we skipped fall and went straight to winter. Here are some warnings before getting behind your wheel in icy conditions.snowy_winter_driving

1 – Do not think your four-wheel drive makes you invincible

While vehicles with four-wheel drive do perform better in snow and icy conditions do not let it give you a false sense of safety. If all of your tires lose traction it Continue reading