Why Donohoo is Different

We do not want to sell you a car, rather we want to help you find the right car. Our philosophy is to put everything out there and make it accessible to you. We are of course here to help but understand that no one else knows what you want better than you. Let us play matchmaker for you!

Buy Smart and Buy Right

Buying a car can be a hard thing to wrap your mind around. It is usually the second largest purchase a person will ever make. It pays to make that a smart purchase. We believe that being transparent and upfront in the buying process is the best way to help you achieve that.



Mechanic’s Corner – How to explain a car to a 5 year old

Have you ever tried to explain how a car works to a little kid? It can be fairly difficult. So this week’s Mechanic’s Corner is going to take a break from the usual and explain how a car works…to a five year old.

A car is hungry. Every day it has to wake up and […]

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Feature Friday! Fort Payne Feed and Garden

It’s that time of year time for festive decorations and holiday cheer, so you must check out THIS week’s Feature Friday #19, Fort Payne Feed and Garden. I recently visited this family business and felt welcomed, warmed and loved even while walking through the door. Folks…this is the place for all your feed, seed, and […]

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Feature Friday! #18 Dallas’ Place

I sacrificed some skinny this week to bring you this yummy Feature Friday #18…drum roll for the delectable fixin’s at Dallas’ Place in Crossville, AL. Hear me folks when I tell you that this home-style cooking is FABULOUS. The bill of fare ranges from gravy and biscuits, pancakes, waffles, sausage biscuits to catfish, […]

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Feature Friday #17 Ol’ Tymers BBQ

Get your taste buds ready for this week’s feature Friday #17 – Ol’ Tymers BBQ in Fort Payne. This establishment has been open for 6 years and remains one of the best BBQ restaurants in North Alabama. What you will experience there is awesome BBQ (and…well…pretty much everything on the menu), live entertainment, Karaoke, 33 cent wings and bar specials…and to top it all off, a HUGE projector screen for viewing your favorite football/basketball game. THIS is the happening place for you and your family.

Richard Green (J-Bird) has been the owner and manager of Ol’ Tymers for the past 6 years. […]

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