Mechanic’s Corner #5

TechCheesyQ: My 2008 GMC Sierra starts shaking when I am driving at 70-75 mph. What is causing the shaking?

A: The most likely answer is your tires need balancing. At higher speeds, your car will experience intense vibrations if your tires are off by even a little bit.

Q: I have a Lexus ES350 and my steering wheel shakes when coming to a stop.

A: This type of vibration is most often caused by warped rotors. If the rotors are not too bad, they can often be turned to fix the issue. Replacing them is the most sure-fire way of correcting the problem.

Q: I have not had my Mercedes for very long and suddenly after a gas stop the check engine light came on! Please help! Continue reading

Pests Bugging You? We Have the Safe Solution

Safe Solutions LogoFeeling bugged by the pests in your house? There is a solution—Safe Solutions Plus! This business began in June of 2013 when Derek Rosson and his buddy William Sparks decided they wanted to work for themselves. They knew the value of a dollar and wanted to be able to offer their service to people at a reasonable price. They also wanted a business that they could eventually pass down to their kids. The business has only been open for a year and is growing quickly as it is currently one of the fastest growing pest control companies in Northeast Alabama.These guys can get rid of anything bugging you– everything from pests and termites to critters. They hope to continue to see growth in the number of customers needing their assistance. Safe Solutions Plus prides itself in listening to customers and taking care of their concerns the first time. These guys seem to be fearless when it comes to pests, so what really bugs them? It bugs them if you are not using Safe Solutions Plus because you are simply paying too much for your pest control services. Safe Solutions Plus believes in “Protecting Homes One Solution At a Time.” Continue reading

Feature Friday! #12 Sam’s Super Samwiches

Street view of Sam's Super Samwiches I have a confession, or a couple of confessions, actually. First things first, I can eat a cheeseburger in under a minute. On a slow day, I can consume at least three cheeseburgers in one sitting (my mom questions why she ever sent me to etiquette class). You also need to know that I am in a committed relationship– with Sam’s Super Samwiches. I think about it first thing when I wake up and right before I go to sleep. Occassionally, I dream about its cheeseburgers and hotdogs. I can’t stop talking about it to all my friends—literally. It makes me happy and is always there for me. It really is love. Continue reading