Feature Friday! #19 Cakes Las Comadres

429700_101710130019273_2064421828_nSo, we have started a new tradition at DonohooAuto and so far, everyone is pretty excited about it. We have started celebrating our Employee of the Month with a humungous cake from Cakes Las Comadres that feeds about seventy people. Now, this tradition has created a little bit of controversy but keeps everyone excited for the thirty days leading up to “Cake Day.” What controversy could there be over cake, you might ask? Well, when you have seventy people viciously campaigning for the flavor that they want, there is a little bit of a battle. It’s like a game of tug-of-war, with half the office pulling for a vanilla tres leches cake with fruit dispersed throughout and the other half pulling for a unique twist on tres leches, like a coffee flavored cake. Yes, picture an office of grown men fighting over which cake they want and reciting a speech indicating their reasoning. We are given a cake from Cakes Las Comadres towards the end of each month. I start hearing questions about the cake’s arrival around the first week of everything month. Several of our employees swear that it is the best cake they have ever had. I believe that. Continue reading

Feature Friday! #14 Traci’s, LLC

IMG_8266This week’s Donohoo Chevrolet Feature Friday features Traci’s—your full service florist and one-stop shop for all your special occasion needs. Owner Traci Rigdon aspired to open a “party store.” She had purchased a florist shop but she wanted to create a one-stop shop for rentals, invitations, gifts, and decorations. Traci’s sells party supplies, balloons, gourmet foods, and specialty items. Continue reading

Wrapping Up Breast Cancer Awareness Month at DonohooAuto

BreastcancerribbonThe month of October is coming to an end and we are wrapping up Drive for the Cure, our initiative to raise breast cancer awareness. Through Drive for the Cure, we aimed to raise awareness as well as gain some insight into the disease that has impacted so many at the DonohooAuto dealership. We found it crucial to help fight the most common cancer in women in the United States (not counting some skin cancers). In 2011, 220,097 women and 2,078 men in the United States were diagnosed with breast cancer. 40,931 women and 443 men in the United States died from breast cancer. Continue reading