Setting the Standard: The Mercedes-Benz E-Class

DSCF9339Well, if there were superlatives for the wonderful cars on our lot, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class would probably receive “Most Popular” or maybe “Most Well-Rounded.” Currently, we have around thirty on our lot. Of course, there are reasons why this midsize luxury vehicle is among buyers’ favorites. First, let’s state the obvious— it is easy on the eyes. But as we all know, it isn’t just what is on the outside that matters. That is why the E-Class is distinguished by its comfort, performance, and safety. Its sturdiness and innovative technology differentiate the E-Class from its competitors. Continue reading

Autism Speaks – A story about Jeff

OldPicOur older brother Jeff works in dietary at a local hospital, cannot drive himself to work, and only has a high school diploma, but we are prouder of him than we would be of a brother with a Harvard MBA running a Fortune 500 company. Why? Our older brother Jeff Donohoo is an autistic man who is a productive member of society. Jeff is 43 years old, so he grew up in a time when my parents had much fewer resources available to them to handle the challenges of raising an autistic child. In fact it took several years of misdiagnosis and frustration for our parents to learn exactly what was going on with Jeff. Continue reading

Introducing Mechanic’s Corner

What is the Mechanic’s Corner?

The Mechanic’s Corner is a new addition to the Times-Journal. Each Tuesday you will get to read questions and answers about cars and trucks. If you have a question, there is good news. This is your opportunity to get any question about your vehicle answered by Donohoo Chevrolet’s service staff. MechanicsCornerBlogAltogether, this service team has well over 100 years of experience. Submitting your question is easy. You can mail, email, or visit their webpage to get your question answered. The box below has all the details you need. We hope you enjoy this new section and we look forward to hearing from you. Continue reading